Whois Privacy Protection, occasionally also called WHOIS or Whois Privacy Protection, is a service that conceals the genuine contact information of domain owners on WHOIS check websites. Without protection, the personal name, home address and email account of any domain registrant will be freely accessible. Giving fake info during the registration process or changing the real information at a later time will simply not work, as doing such a thing may result in the registrant losing his/her domain ownership rights. The policies adopted by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, demand that the WHOIS info must be valid and accurate at all times. The Whois Privacy Protection service was introduced by domain name registrars as an answer to the arising concerns for potential identity fraud. If the service is activated, the registrar company’s contact details will be listed instead of the client’s upon a WHOIS check. Most domains support the Whois Privacy Protection service, even though there are certain country-code extensions that don’t.