Dropbox is a popular cloud file storage platform. Different from a hosting service where you can have an Internet site which is accessible online by entering a domain name, Dropbox permits you to store files, that you can access via their application using a computer or a smart phone. The files are not executed, so an html file will be listed and not presented as an actual web page. The service enables you to access your data from any location as long as you log in with the right credentials. As the firm allows third-party providers to use their API, we have taken advantage of this service and we present you with the opportunity to generate regular automatic backups of the data you have on our end to a Dropbox account provided that you've got enough space. This will include one more level of security for your Internet sites since you will always have a copy of any information that you might need and if the app is installed on your computer, a copy shall be available not only on their servers, but also in a folder on your end.